Monday, July 29, 2013



By: Nayan Naidoo, July 25 2013


The notion by Sun International to the media recently that it is supposedly a victim of extortion over the illegal and secret filming of its guests at Sun City [] has shocked and outraged the members of the Sun International Action Group.

The members of the Sun International Action Group find the media statements by Sun International reprehensible and evident of an organization that is driven purely by corporate greed with no empathy whatsoever over the emotional suffering and humiliation of its loyal customers. Sun International has to date refused to apologize to the victims or offered any counseling assistance as one would expect in such a serious matter.

Sun International's legal strategy has regrettably been from the start to refuse to accept responsibility and cause the victims further emotional suffering and humiliation by forcing them to take this matter to court, in the hope that the matter will go away which it will not.

The members of the Sun International Action Group wish to put on record that the secret and unlawful filming of hundreds of guests at Sun City is in actual fact real and we have accepted Sun International's challenge to take this matter to court, regardless of the costs involved or the time it will take to bring Sun International to justice. We will remain resolute to this objective and have already secured the necessary funding to cover all legal costs to the end.

We as the Sun International Action Group was in fact ready to file our $500 million class action lawsuit against Sun international in the Gauteng High Court on Wednesday July 24, 2013 but we have been forced at the last minute to delay the matter to a future date due to the unfortunate misplacement of 3 of the applicable DVD's while in the possession of the South African Police Service.

The one particular missing DVD marked as SCRSA53/8/153M/TQXXX contains secret and unlawful footage taken unknowingly of high ranking officials of the US and Russian governments together, which may cause both respective governments significant political embarrassment and potential intelligence risk if the applicable video footage is released in the public domain. Our decision to delay the lawsuit against Sun International is therefore out of respect as well as professional courtesy to all parties concerned to find the DVD as a matter of utmost priority and to deal with the matter privately.

In addition, the Sun International Action Group is offering a $250 000 reward to anyone who will return the aforementioned original DVD to the office of General V. Moonoo of the South African Police Service.

The Sun International Action Group will continue with the lawsuit against Sun International as soon as the matter with the missing DVD has been resolved. In the mean time the Sun International Action Group will continue creating awareness about the appalling scandal and inform the entire world what is really going on at Sun City. If you stay at Sun City, you must expect your privacy to be violated in the worst possible way.

Sun International has publicly stated that they have in the past try to meet with the Sun International Action Group, but we have according to them not accepted their invitation or could not be contacted at all. We want to make it perfectly clear that any member of Sun International making such a statement is a blatant liar.

We have from the start invited the Sun International CEO and other directors to inspect and confirm the 54 DVD's that was secretly and unlawfully produced by their staff members at Sun City as well as all the other related evidence, publicly and in the presence of law enforcement agencies and the international media. Sun International has refused to accept our invitations in this regard.

Sun International has only once mention or proposed that one of their New York lawyers, by the name of Marcus Asner, meet with us in New York. Mr. Tim Dailey and Johan Botha and I, Nayan Naidoo, have subsequently left our contact details at this gentlemen's office and to date we have not been contacted by him at all.

We have only been contacted by a person claiming to be a lawyer from the New York law firm Case & White, who we believe is an associate of Mr. Asner, offering us a bribe of $1 million if we are prepared to drop the lawsuit against Sun International. We have refused to accept the bribe and since then we have received several death threats and warnings to immediately stop the lawsuit against Sun International.

The threats and intimidation became so serious that we have been forced to change all our contact details, and now hear that Sun International has the audacity to claim they can not contact us as they do not have our contact details. The behavior by Sun International is absolutely bizarre and criminal at best.

We as the Sun International Action Group members are still prepared, and actually are challenging the entire Sun International Board, to meet with us publicly in the presence of the applicable law enforcement agencies and international media agencies for the purpose of validating the evidence in our possession as well as to expose the sex video scandal at Sun City.

To date Sun International has refused such a public meeting with the victims in the Sun City sex video recording scandal as they know perfectly well their claims that the subject matter is merely an extortion scam will be exposed as the actual desperate strategy by Sun International's expensive international advisors of concocting a story to create a cloud of suspicion and doubt in an attempt that will protect Sun International's reputation from further damage.